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How blessed are we today to have our elders in our spirits,
I describe them as our “raisins in the sun.” The childhood we reflect on, wouldn’t be as valuable without them. And if your upbringing was anything similar to mine, a visit to your elders on any given holiday brings a smile to your face. Thinking of all the knowledge, delicious recipes, family heirlooms, and bedtime stories make me question, how can we forget the countless memories that could last a lifetime? We hold a spiritual connection with our elders that can only be described as intellectual from sharing time and being in their presence. Our elders are our superiors, who hold the portal to the spiritual world for decades; we perceive them as our sacred overseers of excellent guidance. Elders carry our daily burdens, but as a generation, we must do our part as well. By being a better listener and provider, we are taking advantage of the time we have, and whom we have as our spiritual educator. Doing simple gestures for elders such as holding a door, helping with groceries, and even assisting when crossing a street light. Our elders have spent generations helping us grow spiritually, and now it is time we give a hand in return. A quote I remember my elder telling me is, “Yesterday’s lesson is tomorrow’s Spiritual blessings.” It is a tremendous relief to have the guidance from our elders, and the more we live as a community, the more their teaching brings us together. If there is anything we learn from our elders, it is to keep progressing forward, even when times get tough. Keep your head held high, believe in something that’s bigger than you, and lastly, have hope in your heart. Embrace your soul and the spiritual connections; we must perceive our elders as forever young, forever youthful, and forever spiritual blessings to us. Our teachers of life and

“I truly believe that overcoming any obstacle in life takes a positive mind.”

Quinten Barnard

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