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By: Noa Amouyal


Even as states begin to ease their lockdown restrictions, many Americans will still choose to stay home as it remains unclear if the virus will come roaring back to life.


While there are many activities one can tackle at home, there’s perhaps nothing more comforting – and easier to rely on – than a good old fashioned television binge session.


But what is there to watch?


Well, while Hollywood has taken a hit from the coronavirus pandemic which has put many productions on hold, there’s still plenty of new material set to hit the small screen this fall.


Below are some examples to look out for:


“Hollywood” (May 1, Netflix)

Famed producer Ryan Murphy knows good TV. As the mastermind behind hits like Glee, American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck, Murphy’s reign over the television landscape doesn’t look like it will come to an end anytime soon. His latest offering, “Hollywood,” is an eight-episode series set in pre-war Tinseltown, otherwise known as the “Golden Age” of the film industry. The series tells the story of famous Hollywood actors – both real and fictional – but with an important twist: It portrays actors of color as the power brokers in the industry, instead of what the reality actually was during that time where they were often marginalized and cast aside in favor of their white counterparts.


“The Great” (May 15, Hulu)

It’s always fun to take a deep dive into an epic historical drama, and if the success of “The Crown” has taught TV anything, it’s that audiences are clamoring for more content about what royals do behind closed doors. Cue Hulu’s “The Great,” starring Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great and Nicholas Hoult in a satirical comedy about iconic historical figures. It seems that Hollywood can’t get enough of telling the story of the longest-reigning woman in Russia’s history (Hellen Mirren recently played her in an HBO biopic just last year), but perhaps this lighter take on one of the most influential women in history will give a fresh perspective on what’s already been done before.


America’s Got Talent and World of Dance (May 26, NBC)

Of course, no summer viewing schedule would be complete without some reality TV. This is why NBC announced both America’s Got Talent and World of Dance both set to hit screens in May. “At a time when families are unable to go out, we really hope the new season will bring some much-needed joy and escape,” Producer and co-host Simon Cowell said of the show’s 15th season. Producer and co-host of World of Dance, Jennifer Lopez, echoed that sentiment as well, saying, “On our show, we always say that dance is the universal language. It brings us all together, which I think is something we all need during these challenging times.”


“Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story” (June 2, USA Network)

With all the tension in the air surrounding the coronavirus, sometimes one just needs a good dose of escapism. The second installment of the “Dirty John” anthology is poised to offer just that as the season focuses on a woman in distress (Amanda Peet) after her husband leaves her for his secretary. While the plot may sound trite, if it’s anything like its season one predecessor, it will leave you on the edge of your seat begging for more.

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